United by Purpose

Meet Our Team

Changing the world through inspiration, challenging the status quo, forging new paths and solving problems. VOXO is the platform that fuels a deeper purpose and allows its team members to do the things that inspire them.

When a new member joins the VOXO team it isn’t because of their resume or talent but rather their character and purpose. It is more about their ability to believe in and embody the VOXO WHY.

Joe Mordica
Founder & CTO
Josh Reed
Phil Watson
Chief Growth Officer
Chancellor Montgomery
Chief People Officer
Nick Kelsoe
VP of Sales
Michael White
VP of Operations
Brennen Hodge
VP of Product
James Harrod
Lead Software Developer
Tim Watson
Sales Engineer
Amy Lott
Culture Facilitator
Brandon Smith
AI Product
Daniel Charpie
Software Engineer
Noah Post
Telecom Engineer
Michael Whitney
Software Engineer
Brandon Yawn
Software Engineer
Ervin Bauman
Customer Success
JP Jones
Project Manager
Kaitlin Sellers
BDR Manager
Jessica Jordan
Administrative Assistant
Gabby Lorman
Business Development Rep
Neal Bontrager
Business Development Rep
Jared Quinn
Field Technician
Cameron Cole
Field Technician
Drake Druckenmiller
Account Executive
Phillip Powe
Business Development Rep
Zach Maderos
Business Development Rep
Mike Ayon
Partner Sales MAnager
Blake Seymour
Support Manager
Levi Burnham
Hardware Support Team Lead
Daniel Harless
Customer Support

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You will frequently hear of our commitment to building relationships. It’s integral to who we are. And a key part of how we build relationships is by adding real value to the lives of everyone we touch, whether clients or team members we are committed to adding value.

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