To have a strong effect or influence on someone or something.

At VOXO, we believe in the power of meaningful interactions and never taking them for granted. Whether it’s your server at a local restaurant, someone at the gym, or the clerk at a gas station, these individuals could be future team members or leaders in our organization. By taking the time to learn their names and start conversations, we create opportunities for meaningful impact. Who knows, they might be studying a field that aligns perfectly with our company. Our goal is to meaningfully impact 500 lives by 2030. Along the way, we’ve committed to documenting the impact we’ve made. These are real people, real stories, and real relationships fostered through the intentional efforts of VOXO team members.

“Chancellor and Phil have been incredibly diligent in holding me accountable in my marriage and my Christian walk. When my wife and I were struggling, she reached out to Chancellor, and together, they helped guide us. Thanks to their support and guidance, my wife and I now have the best marriage ever.”

Levi Burnham

Hardware Support Team Lead

“Ervin Bauman and others in leadership significantly impacted my life by building a relationship with me before I became a full-time employee and opening the door for me to work here. Being part of an organization with Christian values has aligned my ministry and work schedules much closer, positively influencing my focus and overall life.”

Mike Ayon

Partner Sales Manager