Smart Business Phone Systems

VOXO offers phone systems and call center software for businesses with a focus on simplicity and customer satisfaction. No contracts required.

Connecting over 40,000 people
Simple communications

What we do

We simplify business communication with customizable phone systems, video meetings, and team messaging. Easy to install and use, our solutions ensure seamless communication and actionable insights.

Phone Systems

A customizable softphone. Unlimited call routing. Auto-attendants. SMS functionality. VOXO Connect has all you need to communicate and collaborate with teams and customers in one place.

Video Meetings

Run the perfect video meeting. VOXO’s powerful virtual meeting features make it easy to plan, host, and learn from more productive meetings. Join from anywhere on any device.


Streamline team communication with direct messaging, image and file sharing, emojis, and group chats. Fast and efficient, it’s the perfect simple alternative to Slack or Teams.

Smart Conversations

Enhance meetings with real-time recording, transcription, and keyword extraction. Analyze sentiment, get detailed post-call insights, action items, and performance metrics for continuous improvement.

People first

Why we do it

We want to make a difference. We imagine a world where people matter more than profit, where employees love to come to work, and where clients feel like they matter. We are governed by God’s principles, and above all else, we want to honor Him.


What people say about us

“We chose VOXO and they were able to come in very quickly and set up our new phone system, ever since then it’s been really good. And our employees couldn’t be happier.”


Todd Motes, Memphis City Employees Credit Union

“We have been with VOXO for a few years, and so far everything has been great, when we have issues they jump in and handle them right away and don’t try to sweep things under the rug and blame it on us.”


Brandon Bass, AFR Insurance

“My experience with VOXO has been really good, the service is great, the support is great, and it is so much better than anything we ever had before. The portal is intuitive and easy to use and everything works the way it’s supposed to.”


John Sabine, Columbia School District

“We have been partners & customers with VOXO for several years now and they have exceeded all expectations. They are continuously upgrading and adding helpful features. Their support is quick and personal and they are always willing to help with the hard stuff. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next.”

Michael Erickson, Nextlink

“Our company has used VOXO for our phones and faxes for several years. Their customer service is top notch and so is the phone & fax service. We used to be with a national company and got sick of the lack of care or service, but VOXO has been the total opposite. If you need VOIP service, I highly recommend VOXO and their knowledgeable team.”

Eric Cooksey, Buckner Prosthetics

“What sets VOXO apart from other telco providers? Their unique business model: Competitive pricing, no contracts, rapid resolution to customer issues, and no monthly hardware fees are a few advantages of working with VOXO. These things set VOXO apart from the competition.”

Bud Given, Nashville Wire

Let’s Simplify Your Phone System