VOXO Connect

VOXO’s Connect platform unifies voice, video, and messaging, streamlining communication and collaboration so your team can focus on achieving business goals.

VOXO Connect’s Features

  • Unified Communication
    Integrated voice, video, and messaging in one platform for seamless communication across your organization.

  • Team Collaboration
    Enable teams to collaborate in real time with group chats, file sharing, and direct messages.

  • Mobile Access
    Stay connected on the go with our mobile app, ensuring you never miss an important update.

  • Video Meetings
    Host high-quality video meetings with screen sharing, recording, and real-time collaboration features.

  • AI Conversations
    Enhance meetings with recording, transcription, keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, and post-call summaries.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    Gain insights into your communication patterns with detailed analytics and reporting tools.

  • Always Available
    Eliminate busy signals and ensure every customer connects with your business.

  • Text Messaging
    Send and receive text messages directly using your business phone number.

Demo VOXO Connect

Transform your team’s communication with VOXO Connect. Discover how our unified platform can enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and drive business success.

“Our company has used VOXO for our phones and faxes for several years. Their customer service is top notch and so is the phone & fax service. We used to be with a national company and got sick of the lack of care or service, but VOXO has been the total opposite. If you need VOIP service, I highly recommend VOXO and their knowledgeable team.”

Eric Cooksey

Buckner Prosthetics

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