Fully integrated and managed Google email and cloud products.


Built for enterprise and managed by VOXO. GSuite for business is built for the future with the ability to scale infinitely. With powerful tools and integrations, the Google product suite leaves nothing to desire.

  • Simple Billing

    We strive for simplicity. Billing is straightforward and delivered on a single page with all other VOXO services. We also offer customized billing solutions for organizations that require additional metrics.

  • Fully Managed

    Large account migrations can be a challenge to manage when it comes to training and strategic planning. That’s where we come in by rendering Google support, migration, features, and custom implementations.

  • Active Directory Sync

    Using Active Directory in your organization? We use AD sync to allow your IT staff to make mailbox and account changes in AD that quickly replicate to Google!

Can we use Hosted VoIP with Google Voice?

Of course! In fact, when someone makes a call to your Google Voice number, you can have your VOXO desk phone ring. Also, when someone calls your main number, you can have your Google Voice number ring so that you can answer the call directly inside Gmail!

What is hosted voice


Let’s look at a few ways GSuite allows us to better communicate and collaborate on projects using email and online docs

  • Realtime Editing

    Edit and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets in real time. Don’t worry about saving changes or data loss.

  • Group Permissions

    Admins have full control over who sees what. Different policies and sharing privileges can be established easily.

  • Mobile Device Management

    Easily manage Android, iOS, and Chrome devices from the GSuite dashboard. Wipe, Control, and install apps.


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