Complete Visibility

At VOXO, the power is in your hands. We give you complete access to the same tools we use like deep packet inspection and netflow to monitor and manage your network.

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Drop-in LTE Failover

VOXO provides a drop-in mode LTE failover router that is invisble on your network and seamlessly enables failover if your primary internet connection goes down.

  • Corporate office

    Your office is served with Fiber or copper internet connection and an outage has just occured.

  • LTE Failover

    VOXO's LTE failover modem is able to seamlessly route your internet traffic over cellular networks and alert you of the primary internet outage.

  • Internet access

    Your downtime is very minimal (just seconds) and you still have internet access in order to keep business as usual.

  • 24/7 Support

    We are always here if you need us. We have pledged not to make our customers sign contracts because we understand the importance of keeping the business relationship healthy rather than focusing on exchanging documents.

  • Upgrade speed anytime

    Today’s businesses need flexible Fiber solutions. We are ready to meet those needs by allowing our solution to grow with you. Simply log into the VOXO portal and scale on demand!