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Changing the world through inspiration, challenging the status quo, forging new paths and solving problems. VOXO is the platform that fuels a deeper purpose and allows its team members to do the things that inspire them.

  • We are a team

    “It is better that we all suffer a little than one of us suffer a lot”. This is a quote we live by. We win together and we lose together. Noone is left behind or unappreciated. We believe the strength of VOXO lies in the unity and loyalty of its people.

  • We are built around people

    When a new member joins the VOXO team it isn't because of their resume or talent but rather their character and purpose. It is more about their ability to believe in and embody the VOXO WHY.

  • We focus on adding value

    You will frequently hear of our commitment to building relationships. It's integral to who we are. And a key part of how we build relationships is by adding real value to the lives of everyone we touch, whether clients or team members we are committed to adding value.


Joe Mordica


Christ follower, husband, father, entrepreneur (in that order). I believe in using my God given abilities to inspire and help others do the things that inspire them. I define success by being successful in all areas of life and not just the career. Having started and selling a company after college, I've gained experience from challenges and failures. The passion I have for creating great user experiences and relationships is what led me to create VOXO. Telecom doesn't have be a necessary evil. It has been an honor to be a part of this team and see how people respond to VOXO's mission of fixing telecom.

Phil Watson


A husband and father of three beautiful children, faith and family matter most! I have always wanted to make a difference, to create, to challenge the status quo. Born into an entrepreneurial family, I started my first business at the age of 19. It failed! Committed to success, I kept pushing on. Lessons where learned, relationships built. A new passion was born. To inspire others, to create a company where the people matter most. This is VOXO - An amazing company of which I am honored to be apart.

Chancellor Montgomery


Chancellor was born and raised in Columbia, MS -- the son of pastors with music in his veins. When he began singing during his freshman year at Pearl River Community College, his passion for music collided with his passion for connecting with people, and he now enjoys singing and leading others in Gospel worship music. Prior to joining VOXO as the Marketing Director, Chancellor managed professional sales at O'Reilly Auto Parts for nearly six years.

Shane Smith


It is a special thing to wake up each day and love what you. That specialness blooms into wonder when you can also love why you do it. I am, at my core, a father, a son, a husband, a gamer, an artist and an geek. I am truly blessed to be at the center of my own hub and spoke network.

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